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Posting about anything that wonders though our infinite minds as we live our day to day lives on this simple yet beautiful earth.

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Forever Alone. Rejected.Pain. Forgotten. Loner. Sad. Depressed. No Self-Esteem. Tired. Crying. Tears. Hurt. Music. Bullshit. Goodbye.

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There’s no happy medium…

I don’t get it, that’s not even yours. yours was like a rent thing and you didn’t even use it. Fuck. Like, you just have to try and take away the one good thing in my life, that doesn’t judge me. Then I will have no one, ill be alone. Last year was a piece of shit for me. You guys always talked about me and say i talked about you when i didn’t. I was just trying to get away from all of you and graduate so i could get the fuck up outta there, and go to high School where I could start fresh. I was depressed last year, i would go into the restroom and cry, no one cared. No one gave a fuck, that’s why they still don’t & won’t give a fuck.  When I’m Real, I hated. But when I  try and be nice, I’m fake. But when I’m me and I become weird as I self-describe myself, I’m a bitch/freak. In the end; There is no happy medium. Everything has to follow me, Its like I can never get away. For all reasons, it feels like I’m still alone. No one honesty will ever care. I will always be that one person that will always be forgotten even when I do good. I’m always forgotten and hurt in some way that always seems to make you feel superior. But, I’m always feeling like trash. The only way that i feel better is when I write, but no one takes the time. They never have the time… They never will

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